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 Code Of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code Of Conduct   Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:54 am

Titanium Fleet Code of Conduct

By wearing the Ti tag you have agreed to the following conditions. ALL members are required to read and reply to this post with *signed*

In order to be a Titanium member, you must agree to the following:

1. A Requests to leave the fleet to participate with another fleet/guild/clan/alliance will not be accepted. If you decide to do that, it will be considered as you left the fleet.

2. Cheating/Hacking - Will not be tolerated, any member caught using exploits in a game will be removed from the fleet immediately, proper proof and evidence must be presented, proving the guilt of the member

3. Titanium respect and honor their fellow members as well as the community they play in, harassment/bashing of player/members shouldn't happen. and in the case that you or you witness a member being harassed notify your squad leader. We understand that not everyone will agree with each other and everyone has different opinions but a member is not to openly bash another member/player.

4. if a member is reported or caught harassing/bashing another member/player and proper proof and evidence is presented then their punishments will be as fallows: A warning will be given with no second chance. The second time caught he will be expelled from the fleet.

5. Titanium like to have fun just as much as the next person, but we do adhere to a chain of command there are officers and leaders of the fleet who you can turn to for almost anything, but these officers must be treated with respect and courtesy, If a member disagrees or dislikes something one of the fleet officers/leaders is doing please use the private message system notify the fleet leaders. do not post in the forums. this goes for all members, if a member has a problem with another member plz PM an officer and don't post it on the forums.

6. Titanium is made up of members from all over the world consisting of different cultures/nationalities/religions/race.....any member caught using racists remarks and proper proof is presented will automatically be dismissed from the fleet..

7. The forums. every member has got to find a way to be able to read the forums as much as possible, this doesn't mean you have to read it every second of every day, but at least everyday would be nice...reading the forums is a vital part of communication and keeping up to date on issues within the fleet, being able to participate in polls and vote, and know whats going on.

8. All rules from NF, Titanium supports them. All members will obey all rules from NF. As well when you are in the NF site, you are representing Ti Fleet so care full on what you say. Only Officers are to make statements on regards to Public Enemies in the NF site.

9. Titanium fleet wants only members that have fun. If you have a problem talk to the Recruit Council member in your squad. Only talk to Facepalm/Ozzy0/Craigum if you cannot locate another officer. If the matter is not resolved, then bring it up the chain of command.

Chain of Command

-Fleet Admirals
-Recruit Council Head
-Squad Leaders
-Recruit Council
-Officers accourding to rank.
-Non-Comms accourding to rank.

10. All Ti events in which players have to communicate ( Fleet Battles , Harbor Assults) TS (Team Speak) is required in order to even be considered to participate. A Member does not need a mic but they must be able to at least hear what is going on.

11. Leaving Ti guidelines ...

- If you leave without warning and talking to an officer first, but do not join another fleet you will be allowed back in only if the officers deem it acceptable. This is a 2 strike system. First time you do this is your only chance.

- If you leave without warning, join another fleet, and then want to come back you will be refused 100%.

- If you give warning, try to talk to the officers, and end up leaving, it is entirely up to the officers discretion if they want to accept you back.

12. During Harbor Assault if you boarder hump in an area these are grounds for removal from the fleet

- 1 warning will be issued if you get caught doing it again you will be striped of your tag

13. Spamming the fleet chat with WTB / WTS or begging for items in PM is forbidden. If you must sell or buy something simply post on the trade section.

- 1 warning will be issued if you do it another time expect consequences

14. Once you are wearing the Ti tag you are not allowed to be in another fleet on the Nelson server. If you are discovered that you are in another fleet and did not notify any officer you will be REMOVED from Ti without warning.

15. The only time a member from another fleet is allowed to play your account is if you notify the chain of command [ Fleet Admirals / Recruiting Council ] letting them know that a member from another fleet is playing your account. If a member is found out that he/she is letting another player use thier account from another fleet without notifying the chain of command expect removal from Ti.

16. Each member of Titanium fleet has a period of 90 days within the fleet to earn their BB4/CV4/SS3, unless under special circumstances.

Special circumstances include deployment, pre-arranged leave,(informing the officers and the fleet via the AFK forums.) and similar circumstances as above.

**All fleet members introduced to the fleet before 10/13/2010 are grandfathered into the fleet.**

When You Are Wearing The Ti Tag You Aren't Just Representing The Fleet You Are Also Representing Yourself. Please Be Respectful To Other Players

Consequences of breaking the above rules.

1st offense - warning
2nd offense - 14 day probation
3rd offense - dismissal
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Code Of Conduct
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