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 How To Correctly Fill Out A Application

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PostSubject: How To Correctly Fill Out A Application   Wed Oct 13, 2010 3:43 am

First off read the rules CLICK HERE before submitting an application.

You make sure to fill out the app. If the app is incomplete, you will be asked to fill it out again.

The more complete it is, the faster officers will take a decision on it. Also if your app is really vague and looks filled out in 20 secs, it doesn't show you are serious about joining the fleet.

Here is an example of a correctly filled out app:

TITLE: Facepalm's application

just hello! or application! kinda makes it hard to trace back the app. So "Nelson server name"'s application please

Account Name: Facepalm

Make sure there is no mistake in the name. We might want to check your stats or message you in game, and we seriously don't have time to search for spelling mistakes.

Age: 25

Current level (Highest BO): 111 [IJN]

BB BO level: 86 [IJN]

Crew : 5 engies / 4 repairs

Please list your nation(s). While not required, it may help some people remind who you are. I often get a declick when someone tells me "Yeah he is driving a Monty"

CV BO level: 111 [ IJN ]

Fighters / Bombers : 7 fighters lvl 110 / 2 DBs lvl 110

If yes, always useful to list fighter level and amount of pilots you have.

FCS used: Manual

How many months/years have you played? 4 YEARS

Always put if its year/month/weeks/days. If you say 6, we can't guess what you mean by it.

First server? no

Previous server: AZ[IOWA] / MO[YAMATO] / NY[BISMARK]

Your options: (leave empty)/AZ[IOWA] / MO[YAMATO] / NY[BISMARK]

Also, giving us the account(s) name over there will accelerate things, as we will prolly ask you for it anyway

Previous clans: TF/AE/JSA/RD/PE

Has a microphone? Yes

Has TeamSpeak? Yes

Since we have a download link just beside it, if you are about to choose NO why not click it right now to download the client and then chose yes?

Preferred squad: Kryptonite
Referred by: Mustang06

IMPORTANT: This is not a person that pointed you to the website. It is someone that supports your application and recommends you to the fleet. Needless to say that person needs to be a fleet member, or a really really really close friend to the fleet.

Plays: Daily

Lives in: Hawaii

Time Zone: 8AM-2PM (EST)

Primary Language: English

Other languages: French

He will benefit Ti with: I am a decent CV player, and I am an active person that always gets involved as much as I can to fleet events and HA. I am also always open to helping fellow fleet mates in whatever way I can assist.

Ok. This is your where you convince us we need to take you in. What are your main strengths on NF? What skill in game makes you an asset to have in the fleet?

A little about facepalm : im in the navy have been for about 5 years. being in hawaii i spend most of my free time surfing or finding ways to keep out of trouble when im not playing on NF. my biggest flaw is i sometimes come off as a dick when im being a smartass. But with time im sure you will grow to like me

Mainly so we have an idea of what kind of person you are. No need to describe your life since childhood, just your main interests in life, where you work, hobbies, if you got kids, thing like that.

Why do you want to become a member of Titanium? Ti members are a close group of players who seem to enjoy the game. I like how Ti members all get along and make jokes at each other.

Why us and not another fleet? What do you know about us?

Do you commit yourself to the needs of the fleet?

Do you agree to Ti code of conduct?

this is where you read Ti's code of conduct located here

Thank you, and good luck to all applicants.

Fleet Staff
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How To Correctly Fill Out A Application
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